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Theia Handler


Theia was found as a tiny baby laying in a patch of sunshine on Areia Beach. She was taken in by a poor couple who were making their way along the beach with their detector of metals trying to find hidden treasure. They named her Margarida, their little pearl, and took her home with them. She spent much of her childhood helping her family find treasures left behind by tourists on the beaches in the Azores. They would travel from island to island, making their living by treasure hunting and selling their wares to pawn shops, locals, and sometimes to the tourists who lost them in the first place. When the findings were scarce, Margi would attempt to use her charm and sparkly personality to coerce visitors into giving her their shiniest possessions. When her charm didn’t work, she would resort to pickpocketing, but was often found out. Margi was always so sweet and giggly, no one was ever too angry when they would catch her trying to take things. She didn’t have any malicious intent. She just loved shiny things!

One very sunny day, a trade ship came into town. Something sparkly onboard caught Margi’s eye and she knew she had to investigate. She snuck onto the ship and climbed to the crow’s nest to get a better look. When she got to the top, she looked down to spot the shiny treasure and realized that they were leaving the port! She scrambled down, but it was too late. She was sailing off onto a new adventure. Margi realized quickly that sea life didn’t agree with her and spent much of her time below deck discreetly puking into barrels of various goods. When she wasn’t puking, she was gathering shiny objects and bringing them below to make herself a little treasure trove. She managed to go unnoticed stealing coins, various pieces of jewelry, and a couple shiny bolts and bits of the ship. But when she tried to steal the anchor, the men took notice and dropped her at the next port: London!


Upon arriving in London, Margi was in awe! There were too many sparkly, shiny, and glimmery things that she became overwhelmed. She wandered the streets until it grew dark and a certain very tall, bright, and shiny clock tower caught her eye. Whether Margi had ingested a little too much salt water while at sea is anyone’s guess, but she knew she had to steal that tower. During her attempt to steal the tower… don’t ask… three blade wielding babes approached her. Charmed by her tenacity, her genuine joy for life, and her guileless thieving, they asked Margi to join their crew of mercenaries and the rest was history. Margi was christened Theia Handler, as a tribute to her love of sparkles and her family back in the Azores, and became the Vixens’ resident Magpie, always on the lookout for the next treasure, no matter how much trouble it might get her in. 

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