Atalanta Chayse

Atalanta loves running marathons, diving off sea cliffs, wrestling anyone, anywhere, and Richard Simmons. A Grecian lady by birth, she was rejected by her father when being born a girl, and a sickly one at that. She was sent to live on a remote island with her Uncle Adam of Eternia, a local track and field coach. Her childhood was spent being forever "last one picked" in every game on account of her (cough cough) asthma. She nevertheless persisted in being a support to the team, cough-cheering them at every game, and blowing the whistle as loud as she could with EVERY opportunity. After eventually suiting up all her uncle's teams in Swarovski crystals and bling-ed headbands, they found their competition literally blinded by their epicness, and proceeded to win every game in every sport—a streak that would go down in history. 


With a balanced diet and training by her uncle and his close friend Lord Richard Simmons, she grew strong and bold, and discovered just how fabulous athletics can be. The rest (as they say) is Herstory—until one day, on a particularly long run, she lost her way and came upon the Vixen training camp. She was christened Atalanta for her love of athletics, and her stubborn independence. 

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