Amina Ama was born to horse farmer in South Africa. Along with her two sisters, Ada and Adana, she helped care and raise the horses while their father sold them in the nearby city of Atlantis. The sisters thought he traveled to the underwater city (when, in reality, he went to the Atlantis 20 miles east of their farm), and they loved fantasizing that they were mermaids and buying horses from each other. 


As she grew up, her love for the ocean and all things aquatic grew, too. She would pretend her pitchfork was her trident and would have mystical underwater battles in the fields. She called her horses seahorses, and read every book she could find about oceans, which is how she discovered Aquaman! 


She fell in love with comics and Aquaman, and all the members of the Justice League, and wanted to become a superhero herself! Not long after, a group of superhero ladies arrived in town. Alectrona was holding many maps and gasped, "This isn't the Atlantis I was talking about!" Calypso laughed and replied, "No, but this one has the best pubs!" Amina followed this fascinating group to the pub and after she had imbibed a bit, she demonstrated her trident-fighting skills (indoors and intoxicated, mind you). The other Vixens loved her playful yet powerful nature, welcomed her into the fold, renamed her Thalassa, and the rest is history!

Thalassa Ama

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