Pandora Montoya

No one knows exactly where Pandora comes from, since she was raised by wolves—literally. There she was in the forest one day, happily chasing squirrels, when a famous fencing master, Don Juan-Julio Alberto Ferdinando Montoya, found her. Mistaking her for a boy, he raised her to replace the son he never had. Truth be told, he had the help of one Lady Pavlov, who, by ringing a little bell, was able to train Pandora to a more civilized manner—mostly. Don Juan-Julio Alberto Ferdinando Montoya taught his "son" the secrets of Spanish swordsmanship and loved him more than life itself, right up until the moment when the Don discovered "he" was a "she".  He then evicted her from the Montoya estate.  Before they could fully reconcile, he was randomly slain by a mysterious three-fingered man. Hell-bent on revenge, young Pandora took to the road, declaiming each time she encountered a swordsman, "Hello. My name is Pandora Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die,” but would often run off mid-sentence, distracted by a squirrel or similar woodland creature. And so it was that one day she found herself in the woods with Calypso and Hera, fighting the same three-fingered man. Unsurprisingly, things did not end well for him.  However, in the end of her vengeance Pandora found a new beginning!  She was enlivened by the bold-Bordeaux leadership of the inspiring Calypso and all of the Vixens that had been brought into the fold over the years. Through the Vixens, Pandora learned to juggle her love for sword-fighting, squeaky meat, the VITs, strumming her guitar and, well, juggling!  All the while, she has celebrated finding her new pack, and her tail wags as this epic tale continues!

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