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Melinoe Mora


Abandoned in a field of lavender in Croatia at 5 years of age by parents who could no longer afford to keep her, Miranda was discovered and adopted by a distant aunt who was rumored to be a sorceress. This sorceress aunt (a “she-who-must-not-be-named” situation), raised her with the intent of instilling her evil ways. She is a product of both nature and nurture because of this, as her biological parents were gentle beings but the development of her dark side was influenced by her aunt. As a result, the duality of these influences left her easily startled and at times uncomfortable in her own skin. So, to combat her easily-activated startle response, she began honing her skills, fighting the demons that her sorceress aunt would conjure up. Her constant battle between good and evil left her a strong and proud advocate for children who, not unlike herself, must fight to find a stable home environment.

By Frank Tirrell Photography

One evening, while ridding the monsters from under the village children’s beds (a favourite pastime that she hid from her aunt), she overheard two locals gossiping about a distant relative of hers named Persephone, who belonged to a group of ass-kicking women. She conjured all the courage she could muster to sneak out of her aunt’s watch and set out to find them. After 10 days of walking, she found herself in a dark forest miles away from what she knew as home and quite concerned about what could be lurking in the shadows (and what her fate would be if the sorceress were to find her). Out of nowhere, a three-headed dog hurtled towards her with the clear intention of harming her. They stopped just short of her as they snarled and growled, staring her down until they smelled the good in her (or maybe it was the lavender she kept in her pocket); a kindred spirit to protect. The two (well…four) formed a bond and, sensing her desire to connect with her relative, accompanied her on her journey to find Persephone and the rest of the Vixens. Her aunt has yet to find her, but Bark, Bite and Bob (her aptly named three headed dog) vowed to stay by her side to help her fight when the time comes. For now, she is just grateful to take on the name of Melinoe Mora and be with her Vixen sisters.

Favorite Causes/Organizations:

The Gord Downey & Chanie Wenjack Fund

By Kevin Hedgecock
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