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Melete Timbre

By Richard Jones.

Young Melee grew up as the daughter of a retired soldier-turned actor. Born the only daughter, she grew up in a traveling troupe of players through the Scottish Highlands and lived the life of a humble and hopeful stage squire. Never allowed to perform due to her being a girl, Melee was tasked with sweeping the stage and polishing the company armaments. Even so, she stayed joyful by constantly creating. Whether that meant playing any instrument she could get her hands on, writing poems, making endless flower garlands, or training with the company weaponry after sunset, nothing could stop her.


One glorious day, while rehearsing her favorite music up in the trees, she caught a glimpse of several of the grandest plumed hats she had ever seen. It was none other than Calypso and her famed band of Vixens, striding along boldly, swords gleaming in the light. This troupe of swordswomxn had inspired Melee for as long as she could remember - the tales of their strength, advocacy, and strides made for change echoed throughout the land. What a dream come true to see them in person! 

By Kevin Hedgecock.

Drawn to their magnetic presence and inspired by the legends of their performances, Melee decided that instant she would follow these womxn wherever they went. Packing up her ukulele, yoga mat, and flower crowns, she tracked them along their route, sneaking into their camp to polish their blades and train on the sidelines. With all the courage she could muster, she approached them one day, armed with an unbroken spirit and the wit of her music. She petitioned to become a member through songs of hope and a demonstration of her own blade work. They embraced her with open arms, and gave her a new name: Melete, to honor her past as a muse and welcome her presence as the intrepid Troubadour.

Favorite Causes/Organizations:

Artists Striving to End Poverty

By Kevin Hedgecock.
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