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By Frank Tirrell Photography.

Athena Albrecht

Athena was born Agate Albrecht and raised in a small town outside Mainz, Germany by her uncle, a cartographer, where she learned all about the world—without ever seeing it. She quickly devoured all the books in her uncle's home and the town library—all twelve of them—and was ultimately banished for sneaking into the sacred (to her) site of the original Gutenberg printing press and attempting to self-publish her magnum opus, the Thoroughly Extensive Discourse on Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, and Literary Knowledge (or TED TALK). Determined to discover more than this little quiet village could offer, she got herself hired as a navigator for an expedition sailing around the world. With Marco Polo's journals and Magellan's astrolabe in hand, she studied with every expert or novice she came across; so long as they had something to teach her, she was willing to learn. In every port, she gathered the local young girls for lessons in science, math, or writing, whatever she was herself studying; after all, the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. The ship eventually sank under the weight of her now vast book collection, and she washed up on England’s shores at the feet of the Vixens. She was renamed Athena in honor of the depth and breadth of her knowledge. And the rest, as they say, is a matter of events as part of a recorded timeline!

By Lauren Dubois.
Favorite Causes/Organizations:
Education Accessibility

Geeks Rule


By Adam Jason Photography.
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