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By Lars Elling Lunde.

Caitlin Sheldon

Remember that feeling you got when you first saw Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman? When you walked out of the theater feeling empowered, like you could fight your enemies, conquer your demons, be feminine, be funny, be intelligent, and kick ass all at once, and all of that was okay, because it's what being a girl is all about? That's what it feels like watching a Vixens show, every time. That's what it feels like talking to the Vixens and getting photos with them and chatting with them, every time. They make you want to laugh and sing and cry because you wish you had heroes like them when you were a child.

Jaimie Alayne

When your child gets stars in her eyes and talks about her new hero, Melete, what more can you say? The Vixens inspired my girls to get their own swords. Definitely our favorite part of the Faire for the 2nd year in a row.

Erin Goss

Their show is so empowering! Hilarious, witty, brilliant, and eloquent, with inside jokes that make you feel like an old friend, even if it's your first show. If they're near you, I cannot urge you enough—GO. SEE. THE VIXENS.

George Emanuel Runer

If thou art one to relish strong swashbuckling ladies in alluring garb and suggestive Shakespearian quips ~ then look no further then these gracious mistresses of all of the so stated.

Yolanda McDowell

The first time we saw the Vixens, our oldest daughter was dressed as a knight and two of you came over and told her how awesome she was. It made her day, and your show was absolutely hilarious, one of the best shows we saw that day.

Josh Coslar

A battalion of bombastic bombshells bewildering the senses by salaciously slinging swords, Shakespeare, and sass.

Mary Ann Zeszutko

All the Vixens have such style!

Gaelle Piorkowski

The Talent, Creativity, Beauty, Joy, Tongue-in-Cheek humor, the Delivery of it all, the way they embrace their fans and willingly take on the mantles of heroine and role model and friend to so many... How can you put that in only a line or two? Adore these ladies with all my heart for all the happiness and love they have brought to me and to my friends over the past years, and I look forward to many more years of entertainment and friendship. There are just not enough words...

Sarah Weber

How do we love thee, ladies? Let me count the ways... no, there is no time, let me sum up. In addition to being amazingly entertaining, the Vixens have become family to us, providing a band of badass role models for both our daughters (one VIT and older sister) and making Shakespeare more accessible to a whole base who may not otherwise have considered the Bard relevant entertainment today. What's NOT to LOVE💖 💗 💙 💚 💜

Rhona Goldsand

I love The Vixens En Garde because, among other things, they stand for the empowerment of women. They are beautiful, strong, sassy, smart, sexy, athletic, talented and sharp witted and are a delight to behold on stage as well as gallivanting about a Ren. Faire or Fest. Every time there is a "Vixen sighting" I am filled with glee. Most recently I called upon their energy to help me through an extremely challenging event I organized at work -- thinking of them brought me tremendous confidence.

Sterling Treadwell

You'll never walk away from their show bored, disappointed, or unimpressed. Their 200% effort means guaranteed good times for all.

Jean-Christophe Dupprez

Bouffée d'air frais...

Thomas H. McKenna

NOBODY DOES IT BETTER...if you know what I mean. The shows are always fresh, always fun. The joy is contagious!

Erin Donnelly

The Vixens are strong independent women that are great role models for young girls, proving that although we are considered the “gentler” sex, we know how to fight.


Living proof there is something in life better than being a princess


The Vixens never fail to put a smile on my face no matter what. There is nothing better than eloquent, comedic babes with blades for hire.

Susan Samarco

Come for the laughs (IYKWIM). Stay for the friendship!

Rachelle Marie

Hands down, the best show at the fair! If you know what I mean!

Luke Costagliola

There is a reason that there is never an empty seat at a Vixens En Garde show. These women are so exceptional at what they do, the crowd can't help but be engaged with their shows. Whether you've been a long time fan or it's your first show, you will always be surprised by what can happen during a Vixens show.

Bret Carter

Sexy, talented ladies sword fighting and citing Shakespeare while drawing in the entire audience with a witty and funny storyline, um, what more can anyone want!!??

Alexis DePersia-Norelli

Smart. Check.

Talented. Check.

Deadly. Check.

Badass. Double check.

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