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Circe Coqui

Born Esmerelda Guajana, Circe came from a long line of witches from her mother’s side. Her mother taught her the natural wonders of the world: how to charge crystals, study the stars, and build potions and spells to enhance her intuitive energy. Her father, on the other hand, was an herbologist, studying the medicinal properties of plants. He taught her which plants to grind into teas, how to extract essential oils to create salves, and cultivate gardens that can cure any type of illness or disease. Together they built an apothecary on the island of Borinquen and nurtured Circe into the witch she is today: one of spiritual prowess and adept at natural medicine.


Circe was always a curious witch, as curious as her familiar and closest companion, Biscuit, her cat. She loved her island and discovering new flowers, plants, and animals that would spring out of nowhere, but she felt that there was always more past her tiny little island. One day, a large ship full of Spanish conquistadors landed on Borinquen in search of a magical plant. She heard rumors of a rare plant that could induce sleep, heal a human overnight, and be used as a poison if manipulated incorrectly (or correctly if you’re savvy enough), but she thought it was just that: a rumor. These conquistadors stopped at nothing and destroyed her island in search of this mysterious plant. This enraged her. So, at night while all the Spanish men were asleep, she saw her opportunity. She gathered the herbs of the island, created a poisonous salve and lightly coated their belongings. The next morning the men woke up in blistering sores and were sick with Swine Pox. Circe stole their ship, and with some other adventurous merchants, she set off to see the world and try to find this mysterious plant, to be used to help people rather than control them.


On her journey, she became a traveling apothecary, helping people on their adventures and journeys with her witchcraft and medicinal knowledge. She would offer her insight and read the tarot cards and stars to inform the merchants’ aspirations and dreams. Some gave her payment with information regarding the super plant. One of the merchants in particular said that Circe needed to find a band of traveling mercenaries. “These women have traveled all over and would be your best bet in finding the super plant. They’re called the Vixens En Garde and they have an occultist that might be able to help you!”


Circe landed in London, and asked for the Vixens. “One frequents the local library often, you might be able to find her there.” But Athena wasn’t there. “I’ve heard that one of them always eats Sushi at this Japanese restaurant. Maybe you’ll be able to find her!” But Circe had just missed her. Motivation low, she headed to the bakery to collect some bread to continue her journey and noticed that someone fell asleep and spilled their coffee on the table and soaked their croissant. Circe noticed that a splash dripped onto this woman’s bright sky blue hose and woke her up to offer a lemon to erase the stain. “Hey! That worked just like magic. I know a group of women that would love this trick” Circe then noticed the sword on her belt and the feather peeking out of her hat on the chair. “You’re a Vixen!” “Only on the weekends! You can call me Selene.” Circe told her story to Selene who brought her to the Vixens and have been with them since. She’s still on the hunt for the super plant, but now she gets to see the world accompanied by this band of babes and it makes the adventure that much more electric.

Favorite Causes/Organizations:
Conservation of the El Yunque Forest in Puerto Rico

The National Forest Foundation

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