Persephone Blume

Born into a life of penury, Persephone began her life as a German garden-servant by the name of Helga Blume. Blessed with an indomitable amount of good cheer regardless of circumstance, she turned even the lowliest chores in the estate's herbiary into a pleasure. It became quite clear at an early age that she had both a green thumb and a remarkable curiosity about life—so much so that her forays into the wild to gather plants for her garden grew in frequency and length, until one day she simply wandered off, enchanted by the wonders of the Black Forest. There she came across a traveling tinker who took her on as an apprentice in the art of carving wooden toys, marking the beginning of her fascination with cutlery. 

She never returned home, allowing life to lead her wherever it wanted to, which turned out to be England. Bath became Persephone's new home, as Sally Lunn's buns were quite irresistible! There her path crossed with the Vixens, who took an immediate liking to her playful nature, her optimistic outlook, and her deadly accuracy with knives. Choosing to rename herself Persephone in honor of her favorite season, Spring, she loves flowers, and sweets, and kicking your ass!  

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