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Thetis Mathan

Isla Mathan can track her lineage from Tønsberg, Norway, through Scotland, where her ancestors attempted to raid the Scots but made the strategic blunder of taking off their boots for an ambush and had the misfortune to meet the Scottish Thistle foot first.
Isla and her people have always had a solid connection to wildlife, surrounded by all manner of beasties; her favorites being bears, wolves, otters, and tiny humans. She comes from a long and proud line of Berserkers, who consume a unique tonic and gain the power, strength, and rage of an animal of their choosing, typically a bear. Known as “going berserk,” Isla thrills in the ability but also finds herself overcome by the big, fuzzy arms and soft, warm fur perfect for …hugs and snuggles! Isla fully embraces the full spectrum of bear power, grizzly, and teddy. After all, if not friend, why friend shaped?


Her family made their way by diving and hunting for pearls on the east coast of Scotland; however, a quiet life by the sea was not for Isla...the sound of the waves puts her right to sleep. She has too much of the wild in her, so with the aid of nothing but her sassy shadow, she took a chance and set out on an incredible journey. She ventured in search of wilds not yet known to her. So she sailed off in her snekke (small boat) down the east coast of Britain and up the Thames. Once docked in London, she witnessed some wee beasties (tiny humans, specifically) getting harassed by a drunkard. At this, she immediately flew into one of her greatest Berserker Rages and dispatched the sot. Unfortunately, she mistakenly wrecked some rigging on a ship nearby and was knocked off the dock into the water. Thankfully, The Mermaid Vixen, Thalassa, happened to be doing one of her famous underwater sweeps at that exact moment and pulled the unconscious berserker out of the water to safety. From then on, a life debt was owed to one Thalassa Ama. Thalassa then introduced Isla to the Vixens, where she chose the moniker Thetis (not quite realizing Thetis wasn’t the one held under the water). This bonnie bevy of brawlers welcomed this boisterous berserker into their band and made her a bosom buddy, IYKWIM.

Favorite Causes/Organizations:


Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

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