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Selene Saros

Born Damaris Saros, this Vixen showed early promise in her childhood home of Athens, excelling in geometry, philosophy, organized athletics, and equine endeavors. Damaris was so bright among her peers that she quickly earned the title of Kouros (Greek for “wisdom-seeker”) by age 10. Growing tired of settling philosophical quarrels and craving greater heroism, she departed for England and enrolled in an academy for aspiring young knights. Training tirelessly through her teenage years, she rose to the top of her class and was proudly dubbed a knight serving the crown.

She led her cavalry through fearsome battles, spreading chivalric code across the land with pride and panache. Bards had just begun to sing of her adventures when she was offered her most epic quest yet: joining Sir George and his men to slay a dragon. She had heard rumors of bigotry about Sir George, but his men practically begged her to protect them on their journey. After a lengthy feast and several flagons of espresso martinis, Damaris donned her shining armor and joined their quest.

By Keith Heffner

She charged ahead on her steed until they came upon the ferocious dragon. She deftly tamed the winged beast, coaxing it into submission with a cocktail of Grecian diplomacy and chivalric mercy unto this misunderstood creature. Unfortunately, it was Sir George who waltzed the dragon into town, claiming the victory by his own brave deeds. Gassed up by applause and impulsivity, he beheaded the kind dragon for all to see, and was honored in the highest right by being dubbed a Saint. Damaris attempted to protest the events that transpired, identifying George’s inappropriate use of force with this gentle beast. However, her fellow knights ignored her call, claiming “that’s just the way our knighthood is,” adding that “being of the fairer sex made her too sensitive.” However, to her, this was far from noble. Seeking justice for those wrongfully ripped from this earth was just her kouros way.

Feeling distrustful of the crown and her compatriots after the frankly sexist events that transpired with this so-called “Dragon Slayer,” Damaris fled her post and began freelancing as a mercenary. It was then that she took the name “Selene” after the lunar goddess known to radiate light in a dark sky: exposing truths in unsuspecting places. Selene exclusively works at night in order to keep her proud visage less recognizable by moonlight. Expectedly, this work schedule has made Selene understand the fabled “sleep of Endymion” as she quite literally craves sleep or more caffeine at each moment of her day. Perpetually exhausted and unable to change her knightly ways, Selene got into a scrape while simultaneously accosting a burglar while helping several maidens cross the street. Luckily, the Vixens soon arrived and cleaned up the mess. Admiring their prowess with the sword and their abilities to manage their calendars, she was quick to pledge herself in service as their knight and has been napping in their company ever since!

Favorite Causes/Organizations:

As Selene knows all too well, those in positions of power will historically misuse or abuse this power. The American Civil Liberties Union continues to stand against police brutality, government abuse of power, and infringement of reproductive and LGBTQIA+ rights.

By Keith Heffner
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