Born the daughter of a traveling salesman and a culinary expert, Ourania began making a mark on the world at a very young age. Originally Antonia Adolfo, she spent the majority of her childhood tasting her mother’s masterpieces and waiting for her father to come home. When she was very young, she became fascinated with the night sky, as she and her mother would sit out at night gazing upwards at the celestial sphere. As her father wisely said, the stars are the same everywhere, and if they were both looking at the same time, it was as though their family was together. 


As time grew on, Antonia began to long for a life and education outside of her small Italian village. As a woman, however, she was forbidden from leaving by the elders of the village, and was promised that if she were to leave, she could never return or see her family again. She wrestled with her longing for nearly three years. Her parents however, both growing old, honored her desires, and insisted she leave to pursue her dreams of becoming an Oracle. They only had three conditions: the first, that she continue the culinary passion her mother instilled in her; the second, that she learn a means whereby to defend herself in this world; and the third, that every night she immerse herself in the stars, so they may always look at them together, no matter the distance apart. They even wrote to their cousin’s daughter's first wife’s uncle’s best friend’s dogsitter, who hooked her up with a dear friend known by the name of Calypso Bordeaux. The rest was history. 

Ourania Delphi

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