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Andromeda Henry

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Andromeda Henry has always been a woman between two worlds. She was born Abedda, the daughter of an Florentine lady and a traveling Nubian merchant, and never quite fit in with either world. As such, young Abedda was often lonely and spent much of her time gazing at the swirling patterns in the stars and imagining other worlds full of people who felt exactly as she did. One day, while walking in the market with her mother, Abedda saw a khopesh on the belt of a guardsman. The beautiful shine of the blade and its sweeping shape reminded her of the night sky that brought her such comfort – she was fascinated. She wanted to understand where it came from, and how she could make one of her very own. Her mother did not approve, but Abedda knew that she had to pursue this. She had to find a way. And she did. She would sneak out to the local forge and watch. She was mesmerized by the calming rhythm of the hammer on steel. The heat of the forge was appealing and comforting. Watching the red hot ball of metal become a blade never grew tiresome. Abedda would whisper to her beloved stars, “One day, I’ll make blades of my very own. I’ll learn to use them. And I will break any chains before me.” She worked up the courage to heat up the forge herself one night. She knew the stars would protect her. That night, by the light of the forge and her beloved stars, Abedda made her first blade. It was crude, but it was hers. She was filled with pride in her own strength. As she turned to sneak back to her home, the local guards caught her with her blade and attempted to confiscate it. There was no way she was going to give it up. They clapped her in irons and chained her to a post while they tried to decide what to do. 

Abedda panicked – there was no way she was going to sacrifice her freedom or her blade. She began to pull. She pulled as hard as she could, until she felt the links in the chain start to bend. She pulled until one link failed; that was all she needed. She ran into the woods. She didn’t know how far she ran, she just clutched her blade and kept running. Abedda ran until she saw a fire…its warmth beckoned her in, and she collapsed in front of it to catch her breath. Before she could get her bearings, a woman in russet burst through the trees, a wild boar slung over one shoulder. Abedda tensed, preparing to run again, but the woman smiled, her eyes kind. “Now, where did you come from? You break that chain yourself?” she asked, impressed, dropping the boar as if it weighed nothing. Abedda said nothing. “That your sword?” the woman tried again. “My…friends and I know a thing or two about those.” Abedda lit up, “You do? I made this! Could you teach me to use it?” The woman chuckled. “What’s your name, chain breaker?” There was silence…and the smith finally answered, “Andromeda. Andromeda Henry.” She’s been fighting alongside the Vixens and keeping their blades in working order ever since. 

Favorite Causes/Organizations:


The Loveland Foundation

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