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Hippolyta Bat'leth

By Lloyd J. Barnes III.

Some might say that Hippolyta was born in a small fishing village in Greece, while others might say she emerged fully formed from sea foam dripping from Tom Selleck's moustache in paradise. One thing we can all agree on is that she is often irresistibly called to the sea from time to time, and she always brings back the best souvenirs.  Raised under the name Azetbur, she trained daily by creating obstacle courses with fishing nets and rigging, as well as tossing anchors for sport. She caught the eye of the Vixens after a legendary arm wrestling contest involving a pirate ship, two bears, and a very large tankard.


Hippolyta enjoys picking things up and putting them back down, practical jokes (just never mess with Hera's hair, for the love of Montresor), and Klingon opera. A fierce warrior who enjoys expanding her battleaxe collection, Hippolyta is delighted to have the excuse to both educate others about all the dirty jokes in Shakespeare and beat up her friends on a regular basis.

She likes her dates like she likes her lasagna: extra cheesy, full of beefy goodness and 16 cloves of garlic.​



A quick after-battle delicacy that she likes to call "Face Cram O'Clock".


- 1/2 onion, punched repeatedly until finely minced

- 1/2 sweet green pepper, handed to Persephone during shuriken practice, also finely minced.

- 4 oz sharp cheddar cheese (this involves planning, where you challenge Atalanta to a bet about who can milk a cow, produce a fine cheese, and shred it for dinner the fastest. Hint, let the Wookiee win. Also Atalanta.)

- Corn based tortilla chips (you can get Athena to buy them if you ask her for a discussion of maize production and the ramifications to the European diet, as she gets really involved and opens her wallet indiscriminately)

Fire (BOOM!)

Melt cheese onto chips, toasting lightly, sprinkle onion and pepper on top. Cram into face, burning tongue. Take nap.

Favorite Causes/Organizations:

World Central Kitchen

By Fernando Black.
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