Alectrona Del Sol's origin is actually unknown. Her parents gave her away to a Brazilian spice merchant named Ignacio when she was merely a few months old. Answering to the name of Milagros, she spent the first five years of her life working as his personal pick-pocket throughout South America. When Ignacio couldn't afford to accommodate her anymore, he sold her away to a Salvadoran fisherman by the name Vixander (strange, we know). With him, young Milagros learned the fundamental techniques of sailing and fishing. She spent the next four years sailing through Central America and the Caribbean selling all sorts of rare fish. Life was simple and good with Vixander, until a wretched storm wrecked their sailboat and separated them forever. To this day, Alectrona doesn't know whether Vixander survived the storm or not. However, she managed to survive by clinging to a piece of centerboard floating nearby. She was stranded in the high seas off the Gulf of Mexico for a day and a half until she came across the Lunar Revenge, a pirate ship that had frequently raided their fish supply in the past. Upon recognizing her, the pirates rescued little Milagros, showed her their ways, and inducted her as the first and only female crew member on the ship. The details of the following seven years that she spent with them remain unknown as Alectrona doesn't like to talk about them. What we do know is that during this time, Milagros learned her basic fighting and conquest skills including key techniques on exploring foreign territories. Milagros was 17 when she escaped The Lunar Revenge with just over half of the ship's food, supplies, and wealth. She changed her name to Alectrona, hoping to use the sun as her way of escaping the moon. She spent the following four and a half years as a nomad, entering and leaving many countries in Europe and North Africa while on the run from the Lunar Revenge crew. She was just at the end of her rope and about to turn herself in, when she stumbled into a tavern right on the outskirts of London. In there, she met a most peculiar and fascinating woman, and about five pints of mead later, the two of them had completely poured their entire stories out to each other and became immediate friends. Alectrona learned that the woman led her own band of warriors that traveled around performing for money. That night ended in a bargain: If those warriors could release Alectrona from the pirates after her, she would join that woman’s group and guide them through all the lands that she had so far discovered. That woman's name was Calypso Bordeaux.

Alectrona Del Sol

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