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Hera Drelincourt

By Andrew Lesny Photography.

A Cancer sign, Hera loves fine blades, fine dining, and finely-filled pairs of men's tights. She was not always a deadly swordswoman—she was once a lowly milkmaid by the name of Daisy. But did that stop her? Oh no! She rose to fame as Miss England 1518, earning unprecedented marks in the talent division when the judges were blown away by her ability to milk five cows dry in five minutes, blindfolded. With her good looks and nimble hands, throngs of male admirers soon nicknamed her “The Dairy Queen”. Ever entrepreneurial, Hera developed a yogurt-based line of hair care products, and became their spokesmodel under the pseudonym of Hera, Lady Vidal of Sassoon—until a mysterious three-fingered man tipped off the authorities that she was unlawfully impersonating a noble. Forced to flee into the woods, Hera became a highwayman, and soon led the only band of well-coiffed brigands in the land. And so it was that one day, Hera found herself in the forest with Calypso and Pandora, fighting (and besting) the same conniving three-fingered man. And the rest is history!

By Frank Tirrell Photography.
Favorite Causes/Organizations:
Beauty Inclusivity and Body Positivity

The Body Positive
Health At Every Size
Pretty Brown Girl

By Adam Jason Photography.
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