20-25 minute shows in 3-Vixen teams

The premise of each show is that the Vixens En Garde are in fact a mercenary band of “blades for hire”. Each Vixen once led a dreary life until, just like Charlie’s Angels, a turn of events led them to abandon their former occupations to become highly trained mercenaries.

As luck would have it, times are tough, and to make a little extra money between “jobs”, the Vixens try their hand at performing some of Shakespeare’s works—but only the best bits of course! (The famous lines, the fighting, and the romance!) 

During our fast-paced shows, all of the male roles are played by the Vixens, and gentlemen from the audience are invited onstage to play the female roles—yielding highly entertaining gender-reversals; clever staging interwoven with action sequences; and audience participation that always makes the crowd cheer! 

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