By Lauren Dubois.
By Lauren Dubois.

Being role models is something the Vixens En Garde take very seriously. When we first set out, we thought to create the kind of act that epitomized the notion, “You either want to be us, or be with us.” Over the past eleven seasons, our fan base has grown exponentially, and includes all genders, as well as an increasing number of young girls and their families. We are proud to provide an independent, smart, strong, role-model alternative to the “pretty pretty princess” stereotype. We remind these young people that “You don’t need to wait to be saved by a prince—you can do the saving! A whole world of adventure awaits you, so go for it!”. Many have taken this to heart, and have literally exchanged their frilly dresses for tights and wooden swords, and become VIT’s (Vixens in Training). Although we never set out for this to happen, we fully embrace the fact and promote a culture of independence and respect that inspires “girl-power”. 

By Marisol Koslovski.
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