As fun as she is fierce, Cyrene Jax is always game to play! She loves card games, dice games, board games, you name it. Before she was Cyrene, she was humble little Martha who ran her father’s flour mill. Her father was unfortunately unsuccessful and no good at running a business, as he quickly gambled away all their profits. One day, a man came to the mill claiming her father lost the mill in a card game. Not one to give up easily, Martha, having never played before, told the man she would play him for the mill, double or nothing. Turns out, she picked up a great deal from watching her father’s games over the years, and won back the mill and enough money to take her to the city, and she soon became the most notorious gambler in England! From casino to track to boxing ring, she won them all, but she was a lone traveler. It wasn’t until Calypso waltzed into a casino one day that she learned to fight, adopted the name Cyrene, and has been traveling with the blade-wielding babes ever since!

Cyrene Jax

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