Every Rose has its thorn...

or rapier. Or broadsword. Or . . . 

 you get the picture.

The Traveler

Color: Orange

Our resident thrill-seeker and finger-puppet aficionado, she has been around the world at least twice and has had countless adventures on sea and on land—but good luck getting the full story from her, since she might be wanted by the law in several countries! With a deadly combination of ingenuity, sass, and a disarming smile, she always has ideas for the next plan, be it involving a new location, a new weapon, or a new adversary!

The Athlete

Color: Silver

Our resident fitness guru, who is into anything that boosts your adrenaline, your metabolism, and your positivity. Her athletic approach to swordplay and readiness to dash in at a moments notice means she leaps, then looks. She loves running marathons, diving off of sea cliffs, wrestling anyone anywhere, and Richard Simmons. 

The Scholar

Color: Purple
Our resident brainiac and badass bibliophile, who revels in all things that excite the mind—especially strategy, geek culture, and socioscientific philosophical historicity. She has a special place in her heart for Shrödinger's Cat, and adores wordplay, swordplay, and spreadsheets—the more the merrier!

The Pixie

Color: Green

Our resident "green fairy" is every bit as addictive as absinthe; adorable, mischievous, and as sweet as the sweets she craves. Like a beautiful spring day, her warmth and joy are felt by all who come in contact with her. She loves gardening in the sunshine, pretty flowers, hula hoops and deadly weapons. Did we mention that her garden is entirely comprised of poisonous plants? 

The Fortune Teller

Color: Chocolate

Our resident oracle and gourmet. Her boundless curiosity and obsession with the shifts of the celestial sphere means she has an answer for everything—including what meal would pair perfectly with that wine. Whether the road be bumpy or smooth, she will help find the way forward, even if it means cracking a few skulls in the process!

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Hera Drelincourt

The Starlet

Color: Blue
Our resident fashionista and queen of etiquette, who champions Beauty and Honor in all its forms. Being in the spotlight comes naturally to her, and she handles it with grace, poise, and hair care products. She loves the finer things in life: fine blades, fine dining, and finely filled pairs of men's tights.

Pandora Montoya

The Wild One

Color: Light Brown
Our resident wild child, who was raised by wolves (literally), and is fiercely loyal to her "pack". She's a real party animal, and puns, puns, and more puns are her specialty—it's guaranteed she will have you laughing in no time! She loves playing Shakespeare, playing her ukulele, and playing tag by the light of the moon. And looking at the moon. And howling at the moon. Often.  

Cyrene Jax

The Gambler

Color: Gold

Our resident lover of chance, and always game to play! Card games, dice games, board games, from casino to track to boxing ring, she'll win them all—and your heart into the bargain!

Melete Timbre

The Troubadour

Color: Rose

Our resident musician, lover of poetry, and sweetest badass you'll ever meet. With her enchanting voice and adept skill at making flower crowns in mere seconds, she makes the sound of clashing steel as musical as the innumerable instruments at which she is adept. 

Thalassa Ama

The Mermaid

Color: Aqua

Our resident swimmer and dear friend to both sea and seahorses, she is always ready to debate the finer points of the appropriate way to wield a trident, or the latest issue of any comic book, ever. Obsessed with the Justice League, her drive to bring fairness and fun to all is matched only by her wit and comic-panel-perfect timing. Though nothing can match her love of Aquaman.

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A special note of thanks to our friends, the New York Rose Sellers, who created the lovely hand-painted "Vixen Line" of roses at NYRF in 2015, beautifully captured in photos by Frank Tirrell Photography.

Non-rose portraits by E. Tetrault, R. Jones, and W. Thompson.